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Your Gadget Habit

Ok, so it's time to stock up that dream utility belt and heavily modified sports car with tricks of the trade.

So ask yourself:

Where do you spend that economic stimulus check first?

Here are a few commonly acceptable purchases that may help you protect yourself, or aid in an investigation you might be conducting. PLEASE NOTE: For information regarding less-lethal, non-lethal, and self defense products, http://www.less-lethal.org/web/home.aspx

Regarding weapons, be sure to comply with all Federal and local laws governing the ownership and use of such items!!!

Depending on your local legislation, the possession, ownership, or sale of many items classified as weapons may constitute up to a felony charge on your behalf. Take every precaution in acting in accordance to the regulation of firearms, bladed weapons, and non-lethal deterrents for self defense; and when applicable, procure all proper licenses/permits.

This site below states several indepth state and city laws regarding the restriction or prohibition of certain products.

ARMA 100


Highly effective, easy to use, the ARMA 100 provides the option for stopping threats from a safe distance without causing life threatening injury. Safer than electric shock devices it will help anyone protect themselves or their family whether out on the road, boating or at home. With the lanyard it is just like carrying around an umbrella. Just like when you are carrying your umbrella you feel secure that if a storm suddenly appears you will have protection so with the ARMA 100 you will have that protection ready when you need it.


Pepper spray

Pepper spray is made up of an active ingredient called OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) and other inert ingredients.  They can be water or oil based.  The best formula being oil based as oil based products do not have the problem of separation.   Separation is where the final blend will not stay blended and the oil (OC) will separate from the water base.  This is very similar to putting oil in water.  The oil will want to rise to the top.  All OC products that the Pepper Spray Store sells are non-toxic and non-flammable. The effects of the pepper spray last between 20 and 90 minutes, giving the user plenty of time to escape their terrifying situation. Pepper spray units can be fired multiple times and can have a range of 8 to 20 feet, depending on the particular model you purchase.

The newest defensive spray agent, Oleoresin Capsicum, is a derivative of hot cayenne peppers. OC is an inflammatory agent and unlike tear gas it is effective on those under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  When the OC contacts the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat, and lungs), symptoms will appear instantly. The capillaries of the eyes will immediately dilate, causing temporary blindness. Inflammation of the breathing tube tissues will cause difficulty in breathing; however the victim will still be able to breathe. Pepper spray will not deteriorate with age and will not cause lasting aftereffects, however the short-term effects are quite effective.



Stick fighting has been a common form of self defense for, well, ever. Modern technology has made the forms and functions of several effective styles popular as ever for less-than-lethal protection. Of those options, your choice is only limited budget and preference.

Shockable batons:

Fixed length: escrima/tonfa for the martial arts

Expandible batons: Military/Law Enforcement grade such as ASP & PR-24

More cool gadgets and products to be posted very soon! Standby to standby...

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