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" There is no more honored sterward than he who compassionately serves; not out of subjugation, but moral obligation."



Suggested Reading Material:
(Some for fun, the rest for training)

  • Arrest Proof Yourself, Dale Carson
  • Analyzing Criminal Behavior, Greg Cooper & Mike King
  • First Responder (Brady 8th Edition)J. David Bergeron, Gloria Bizjak, Chris Le Baudour, Keith Wesley

RLSH focused media

The RLSH Project
A series of movie-quality portraits and profile interviews
byHollywood photographer Peter Tangen.

Heroes in the Night
Blog and future novel by author and friend of the community, Tea Krulos.

I, Superhero
Mike McMullen aka The Amazing Whitebread travels to meet
and patrol with RLSH to learn how to become one himself.

Superhero Me
Steve Sale takes a journey to shadow established RLSH and experts to see if
he has what it takes to become a superhero in real life.

Citizen Heroes
Documentary focusing on Pacific Northwest RLSH. Directed by Matt Harrison.

Documentary featuring RSLH from all over the USA.
Debuted at Slamdance Film Fest '11. Directed by Michael Barnett.

RLSH, The Movie
Another documentary, directed by Adair Cole.

Recommended websites:

Heroes Network
Originallythe most frequented site by RLSH, the HN was closed and
subsequently rebuilt in favor of a more secure hosting site.

The Real-Life Superheroes is a grassroots movement that performs
civic service in many different areas. Our main mission is to
inspire everyday citizens to take action and stand up for what
they believe in.

The Alternates
Home of the West Coast with the most,formed by Zetaman of Portland.

Black Monday Society
Salt Lake City's RLSH resident team.

Earth Agents
Stomping ground of Earth Agent Superman
and where to find Robbie the Robot.

Capitol City Super Squad
Washington DC's own civically-minded team.

Great Lakes Alliance
Midwest RLSH

Team Justice
Florida RLSH non-profit team.

Hero Gear
Faithful hero tailor and all around great guy, Jack Brinatti.

House of Fury
Tom Rebello's crazy antics and amazing creative talent run amok!

Skiffy Town Heroes
WWTBASH turned-social-activists who banded togetherto form this
growing community organization, spearheaded by DC's Guardian!

Super Heroes Anonymous
Make plans to attend this year's biggest gathering of RLSH anywhere!

HOPE 2011
One of the largest planned team ups ever undertaken,
to coincide with
San Diego InternationalComic Convention

Superheroes Lives
Older, but useful index of RLSH and other costumed activists.

Wikipedia Entry for Real-Life Superheroes
Learn about some of our humble beginnings
as a community, back before
Batman Begins
made ithip to be a brooding vigilante.

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