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" There is no more honored sterward than he who compassionately serves; not out of subjugation, but moral obligation."

Please take a moment to read the following material, as it is vital to the context of site.

While many of the concepts are theoretical, the purpose behind the activities performed by some real life super heroes is to defend life and property. Violence and crime are an unfortunate reality of our everyday lives. In reacting to the depraved, it is sometimes neccesary to match or exceed their level of violence in order to neutralize threats. And though I will not intentionally publish material that I deem inappropriate, please be aware that some mature subject matter relating to crime and violence will be part of the content contained herein.

It is with that in mind that I state, in no unclear terms, I will make NO attempts to encourage anyone under the age of 18 to perform any actions described on www.rlsh-manual.com or any of the websites related to the subject matter. PARENTS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, the responsiblity to govern your children lies with you. Any and all information posted here is already easily accessible from any unfiltered internet service and public safety resources. All I have attempted on this project is to compile as many useful links into one readily accessed source.

As you make your way though the articles contained in this site, you might notice some possibly incongruent theories and philosophies on how to approach the lifestyle, training, and purpose of one RLSH to another. Please keep in mind there are many of us spread out across the globe, and what is good for the goose is not necessarily always good for the gander. What is ideal for one person may be completely ineffective in your particular situation. Take this to mean that despite the combined years of cumulative experience between the others active in their respective communities, there can be no correct and concrete answer for every person in every circumstance. We can only guide you so far; you have to make your decisions and manage the subsequent consequences.

Til next time, "Knight Owl"   (OvO)

Unofficial, Unauthorized Reference Manual for Real Life Super Heroes

THIS DRAFT FOR ROYALTY-FREE, INCLUSIVE USE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF INFORMATION ONLY.  The design and intent is for intellectual discourse, theory, and entertainment value. There will be no earned royalties for the use granted under this Agreement.

  By reading the content in this reference manual, the reader permanently agrees to absolve the Author(s) and contributors as well as their heirs from any legal recourse or damages as a result of any misuse of the information herein. The acts described are inherently dangerous; attempting any or all of them presents the possibility of permanent injury or death. 

  Additionally, many of the resources pooled for the contained articles have been published without the knowledge or permission of the original authors; as such, they nor the Author(s) of this guide cannot be held liable for any factual inaccuracies at the time of publication. 

  By reading this material, you accept FULL responsibility for the consequences of your actions. The Author(s) do not condone the commission of any illegal activities, and should you adopt dangerous behavior as a lifestyle, you bear not only the sole punitive burden, but the responsibility of researching your own local laws and protocols before initiating any interventions.

  Therefore, you, the Reader, agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the author(s) and contributors, either in their individual capacities or by reason of their relationship, with respect to any expense, claim, liability, loss or damage including any incidental or consequential damage either direct or indirect, whether alleged, incurred, made or suffered by, or any third party, in connection with, or in any way arising out of the use or disposition of the Material by the Author(s) in connection with the exercise of this volume’s contents.

    Such are the conditions of the agreement granted under this disclaimer between the Author(s) and the Reader.


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