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As an active member of the Real Life Super Hero community for over a year, I am a private citizen who believes in the power of change one person can make. As a civilian, I work in the public safety sector, as a fire fighter & emergency medical technician.  Currently, I am deployed overseas as a civilian firefighter working under a military subcontract. In my spare time, I research and conceptualize practical applications for my fellow active crime fighters and social activists worlwide. My number one priority is the safety and education of this community, so almost all of my blogs tend revolve around the protection of civilians as well as heroes, in both a legal and a physical/mental health sense.

We are not role-players and this is NOT pretend. This is REAL, and so are WE. We’re not here for vigilante style justice, but to act as good Samaritans, catching both those who fall the through the cracks, and defending against the scum who are fortunate enough not to have a law enforcement looking over their shoulder at that particular moment. 


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